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Mark Loeffler is a Registered Sales Representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty Brokerage



Mark Loeffler, A Registered Sales Representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty, Brokerage

Mark Loeffler a registered sales representative with Keller Williams Complete Realty published his first book, Investing in Rent-To-Own Property: A Complete Guide for Canadian Real Estate Investor in 2010 his second book Fix & Flip a Canadian How Do Guide For Buying, Renovating, and Selling Property for Fast Profit was published in November 2011.

Take advantage of Mark Loeffler's years as registered sales representative now with Keller Williams Complete Realty, Brokerage and his many years of real estate investing experience and learn his step-by-step rent to own investing system. Topics discussed are:

  • What is tenant-first rent to own and why is it the best system out there today?
  • How to get started in rent to own investing
  • Building the network you need to close deals
  • Identifying and qualifying tenants
  • Documentation
  • Closing the deal
  • What to do during the rental term
  • When the tenant buys the property

And much, much more!

Take A look inside INVESTING IN RENT-TO-OWN Property

BONUS MATERIAL: When you purchase the book, you will have access to some bonus material mentioned in the book. Click here if you own the book!

Order Mark Loeffler’s first book, Investing in Rent-To-Own Property: A Complete Guide for Canadian Real Estate Investors.

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Here’s one of the reviews so far!

Investing in Rent-to-Own Property is the distillation of years of investment experience in real estate. It is a both strategy and a system, which provides stable, proven returns for the investor. On the flip side of the coin, the homebuyer is provided a house that fits their needs and budget.

Why should an investor have rent-to-own as part of his or her investment portfolio? This book lays out in clear detail the benefits of rent-to-own and how to get started with a rent-to-own strategy. Loaded with tips and case studies, here are the core components of the system:

  • How to identify properties
  • How to carry out due diligence
  • Smart financing strategies
  • How to market your system and attract interested tenants-homebuyers
  • How to identify and choose tenants-homebuyers
  • The rent-to-own contract
  • Obligations of the investor to the tenant-homebuyer
  • Obligations of the tenant-homebuyer to the investor
  • The team of experts: agent, lawyer, lender, home inspector, accountant
  • Exit strategies

There are many singles and couples who for a variety of reasons opt for a rent-to-own opportunity. For some it’s an opportunity to check out a location for a couple of years so that they’re certain it’s the house and neighborhood they want for the long-term; for others it’s the desire to own a home but need to grow their down payment-having a nice home while they save is a terrific option. The expertise of the investor in identifying the right property and providing the right financing is another significant aspect for the tenant-homebuyer.

The benefits for the investor are many: a solid property in an area where the fundamentals are strong; great tenants who respect the property; a profitable investment even with a downturn in the market.

Investing in Rent-to-Own Property is the quintessential tool for investors who have yet to take advantage of a proven money-maker or for those investors who want the benefit of a proven system to build their portfolio.

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